King Richard the Lionheart – Quintessential English King


Richard_coeur_de_lionKing Richard I, or Richard the Lionheart is often portrayed in books and movies as the quintessential English king.

He was indeed King of England and his heraldic banner, the “three lions” is considered to be the embodiment of England and the English monarch.

However, there is a dark secret to this “English” king.

In this article I will reveal the truth with the real facts about Richard the Lionheart!

What Does It Mean To Be English?

Being English myself, I have always had an interest in what makes the English, well, English.

Despite having a not so happy childhood, I still feel proud to be English as well as proud to be British (and no, they are not the same thing).

I’m not talking about the mere facts of where we were born, or what we do.

What is it that really defines an Englishman, as opposed to a Scottish or Welsh man (or woman)?

There have been books written about the subject, but nobody seems to have a proper answer.

Instead, we have some strange and interesting portrayals in books and movies of characters like Richard the Lionheart.

They seem to point to something beyond ourselves but the stories are almost entirely legends, with very little bearing on reality.

Richard Coeur de Lion:

Let’s start with his name, shall we?


We know him as “the Lionheart”, but this is just a translation from the French ‘Coeur de Lion’.



richard_lionheartedHe earned this nickname by fighting a lot, getting a reputation for being a great leader, fierce in battle.

Son of Henry II, he was born in England, so you would think that made him English.

However, his father Henry was the son of Geoffrey of Anjou and Matilda.

Matilda was a grandchild of William ‘The Conqueror’ who of course, was Norman.

So, Richard was really French by ancestry, not English, or at least one of the smaller French kingdoms (or ‘Duchy’) that existed in those days.

Richard the Lionheart Lived In – Aquitaine?

While Richard was King of England, he was also Duke of several Duchies in France, including Aquitaine.

When he wasn’t on crusade, this was his favourite place to be, perhaps because that was where his mother was from.

The rest of the time, er yes, he was on crusade.

Much of his life was about fighting, trying to kill Saladin or getting captured and then pardoned by the Pope.

He hardly ever visited England and even if he did, he couldn’t speak the local language!

Three Lions:

Richard’s heraldic banner was the famous 3 lions and they have stayed with us into modern times.

They are yellow on a red background and have been adapted for other uses, such as the 3 blue lions on a white background as found in the England National Football team badge.

One of the best modern examples of their use in popular culture is the “3 Lions” song by Skinner and Badiel, which was written for the 1996 European Football Championships and later re-recorded and released for other tournaments.

Birth Of A Legend:

So where does this legendary figure of Englishness come from then?

Mostly from the 16th century, and mainly due to that other legend which grew legs rather longer than reality: Robin (of the Hood, not Batman!) – another very English character.

Early stories of Robin Hood make no mention of Richard, but it seems that from the 16th century onwards, the idea that Robin was a supporter of the king became popular.

In modern times, Walter Scott’s novel “Ivanhoe” popularised the idea further, by again mentioning Richard in connection with Robin.

This idea has so taken root that these days almost every Robin Hood movie features King Richard in some way or another, even if he is just a brief mention.

As you’re no doubt aware, in most of these stories Robin is busy robbing the rich with his merry men, while trying to fend off the evil Prince John, the Sheriff of Nottingham et al.

King Richard is either away on crusade for the duration, or turns up at the end to save the day.

The important thing here is that it makes everyone feel it was all worthwhile and above all, hooray for the English!


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A Total Introduction To Search Marketing


If you own a website or you are seeking to earn a living online you are going to need focused online traffic so people can find your site.

The following article shall give you some solid advice that will have you charging up the search engine rankings in no time.

Once you know how SEO works and how to rank sites for easy website traffic, your earning potential will skyrocket.

Internet search engines for example Google will not actually have people manually ranking websites for certain keywords, they use what they call “spiders” to search out the millions, if not billions of webpages out there and rank them accordingly within their search engine.

Successful search engine optimization or SEO requires a comprehension of these methods to rank your site and get free targeted traffic.

To rank your site and start making sales, major search engines use several factors. For in-depth information about money robot submitter review go to this website.

Many factors are considered, for example your keywords and range of links point to your sites. Major search engines also look for regular site activity and incoming and outgoing links.

You will need to be patient when waiting for a better ranking in search engines. Using link building software will increase your SEO efforts by giving your site the best boost within the SERPs, also referred to as the Search Engine Results Pages.

Make sure that you are using the most effective SEO Software as some could possibly get you banned from Google. Attempt to incorporate plenty of keywords in your site through the main text, titles and headings.

In the event you do this, it shows that your particular site is relevant.

You will have to work reach higher ranks in search results. The alternative to using backlinks software is to actually buy high page rank links or hire an SEO expert, but this puts your business and traffic getting capabilities into another person’s hands and the majority of people can not afford this when beginning.

You may also purchase Google AdWords advertisements, which is definitely an art and science it self and become quite challenging to turn a profit with.

Keywords are just a proven way to optimize your site. Links back and forth from your site are also great optimizing strategies. One strategy for raising the number of links is to negotiate exchanging links with other relevant sites.

When you’re anxiously searching for ways to get additional eyeballs on your site, you would like to get targeted visitors. Within this case it’s going to be quality over quantity. The more targeted your visitors are, the better, as you will be able to measure results more effectively.

If you measure results on your webpage traffic effectively you will be able to grow your traffic and sales according to results you’re currently getting.

All businesses need a website. It’s very rare for a business not to possess a website these because everybody is definitely plugged into the web. You may use your site as a sales machine to bring leads and customers while you’re sleep or on vacation.


7 Things You Should Know About Search Marketing


SEO link building is the main focus of off-page search engine optimization. It is a strategy used to improve the exposure of a website organically. Organic traffic, or unpaid traffic, is generated through popular search engines. Due to this business’s target high traffic keywords to attract their ideal audience. The fist step within the search engine optimization process is to search out these keywords and develop SEO articles around them. This portion of the SEO process is on-page optimization. After this really is completed, it’s time for SEO link building.

To be clear, the primary goal of search engine optimization is to increase exposure of a web page by ranking highly in major search engines like Google. While writing SEO articles is the starting point towards proper optimization, it’s only half the battle. Another half is off-page SEO.

Even if you have the most well-constructed blog or website out there, it means nothing unless you’ve got traffic. The best kind of traffic is sustained organic traffic. This can be achieved by consistently ranking high on search results pages. When Google is evaluating websites, they do more than just find out if the keyword is mentioned a specific range of times. Google takes into account both the volume of backlinks a web page has, as well the quality of backlinks. Accumulating these links is the SEO link building process.

As I mentioned before, a website needs a number of quality backlinks to rank. You can actually see how valuable backlink is by checking out the website’s PR score.

There are a lot of different article directories available which are considered high PR backlinks. By becoming members of these article directories and posting content, you can help increase your web pages organic traffic. Each time you publish content within one of these high PR directories you are permitted to include backlinks. Always remember which it is very important that the content you post is of excellent. Typing a bunch of broken English and including backlinks will not help the SEO link building process.

For anyone who is new to digital marketing, it is very important to understand that there are tons of different useful tools and strategies available. For in-depth information on money robot seo software go to this website. Actually, many of these tools and strategies, if used properly, can save you a whole lot of time and headaches throughout the SEO link building process.

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7 Shocking Facts About Limo Services Told By An Expert


The airport limo services provide one with tremendous feel-good factor while on a trip and arriving at destinations, such as a business meet. The limo services succeed in providing the ultimate physical and psychological comforts to passengers. The chauffeur driven services lets one to relax and concentrate on the job in hand, without having to worry about the mundane issues like shifting baggage carefully, checking into a reputed hotel and reaching airport in time.

Getting to airports after a long and tiresome journey, the very last thing one wishes is to stand in queues to hire a taxi. On the contrast, hiring airport limo services in advance means a chauffeur is waiting for you at the airport to take care about shifting the baggage before promptly leading you to the scheduled destination. With limos capable of carrying 6-24 persons comfortably, bigger families or entourages arriving for business meets could travel together in cozy comforts of the limos, with plenty of leg room.

The courteous and properly qualified chauffeur ensures that the passengers are driven around with maximum amount of comfort and pleasure. The chauffeurs take good care of the needs of the esteemed passengers in a manner befitting the royalty. The passengers are never pushed to a state of anxiety as is usually brought on by other airport service cabs. The experienced limousine chauffeurs are highly conversant of the roads they take and do not inconvenience the passengers by taking detours on way to the hotels or perhaps the destined locations.

However as airport limo services are expanding with bevy of operators joining the fold, the need to be selective when selecting the services are of paramount importance. Since not all limousine services employ state of art fleets, individuals that are particular about the high-end limousines should specifically request for the model at the time of booking to be able to avoid disappointments. Clients may also specify the needs like access for the differently-abled, if a passenger within the entourage is in need of the facility.

With growing competition, the airport limousine services are forced to dole out promotional offers to win potential customers and retain the loyalty of the existing customers. Thus at the time of booking the limousine services, you might want to ask for details of the discount structures and avail affordable airport services on a limousine. Find out more information about Car Service CT on this page. Before the booking one might also get particulars about the operator. Details regarding his experience and his fleet strength may be ascertained to be certain that the booking for the airport services have been made with a dependable and experienced operator.

Therefore even if the cost of the airport limo services might be marginally higher than the other cab services, the professional and quality services extended offsets the cost disparity. Therefore to impress and to enjoy glamorous comforts limousine services are unparalleled. Yet to make sure that that the best of the airport services are booked, one may quiz the service provider about the various services offered to the clients and facilities for booking 24/7 online.


4 Brilliant Tips About Limo Services


Long ago, riding a limo is a privilege for the powerful people and rich individuals. At present, anybody can ride a limousine even if they can not afford to buy one. You can find already companies offering Limo rents and services to people who want to try it. There are various limousine companies that provides different amenities and personal chauffeur. You need to simply call on the right company and make a reservation.

You can use a limo in almost any event or occasion within your life. Whether it is a birthday party, business meeting or wedding celebration, limos are very important. It can give you the glamorous ride that you’ve got been wanting to try. In choosing a limo service, be sure you know something on the way to select a good limousine. The things you should know on limo service are highlighted below.

The initial thing you have to do before selecting the limo you want is to canvass. There are many limo service businesses and you can find their numbers in yellow pages. Call the companies one at a time and ask questions to CS representative. They’re going to give you the cost of the amenities and a lot more information. You’ll need to take not the information you got for later use.

It is not only through yellow pages which you can do canvassing of companies. You can also use the net and look for the web pages of limo services. The website of the businesses will provide you cost of limo rents and packages.

Checking online will not only give you costs of limo services but in addition company reputation. You shall find this throughout the reviews and feedback of previous clients. Reviews should help you decide which company is the best service provider. This data serves as satisfactory ratings of the clients that have gotten the company’s services. If you look into the feedback carefully, you will have an notion of which company to choose.

After canvassing and gathering all the important information, select a business. Make sure you pick the one that offers good services with competitive prices. Get the best amenities that the money can afford if you want to maximize use. You will need to get a good value of your hard earned money so choose wisely. Visit this page for in-depth analysis and opinions regarding CT Limo Service.

You can find various facilities that you may use within the limo. The amenities are: food, wine, satin couch, television, etc. When you’re on a business trip, you will not be using several of these facilities. Exclude these amenities whenever you rent limo for business trip because you will not need it. Be practical, don’t pay for an element that you cannot use.

After selecting the limo services you’ll need, be sure to make a reservation. You’ll need to reserve because there are lots of limo renters around. You might not be able to get the limo you want on the day you may need it. Better make reservations ahead of time for you to prevent problems later on.

Now you may relax and sit back on the back of the limo you chose. Just be sure you have made reservations beforehand so you get the limo of your decision. You could be with your date, family or friends enjoying the limo ride and amenities. You will certainly attract attention of men and women as soon as you arrive within your destination.


3 Myths About Geniux


A great thought often interprets to achievement. A person’s thinking ability is surely an asset in the cut-throat world. A practical brain can certainly help a person secure his career. and make decisions for a far better future. Within the past, medical scientists have convinced that intelligence is only inherited. Genetics are blamed for having an incredible mental ability. However, the continuation of experiments About. The human thoughts brought about greater info. Every other discovery: materials can beautify. The cognitive as well as other brain regions.

Whilst it allows protect the brain from permanent harm. Even though this truth made it to the public. The brain enhancers called Nootropics were stealing the limelight since. those capsules used as vitamin supplements. Since the United States Meals and Drug administration. as well as other drug authorities international refuse to back its claims without enough evidence.

It has acknowledged that age influences within the body. and intellectual potential of someone. Over time, a person loses control over his most prized possession: his thoughts. Older persons become forgetful and gradual at reasoning. Other than age, elements that include stress, alcoholic beverages. and smoking has damaging results at the mind. The best way to reduce the terrible results of dropping brain cells. mind booster tablets wished. These capsules proved to be effective in improving cognition.

Neural degeneration is commonplace among vintage humans. Through that include mind booster tablets in one’s everyday regime. The metabolism of mind tissues might be further advanced. The reversal of neuronal harm may be viable with the aid of intellectual enhancers. The intracellular change and also the synaptic transmissions might progress.

Geniux is a natural complement that designed to provide your brain a lift. So, you can flip across the terrible consequences of getting old. bad weight-loss program pressure. and environmental pollutants. This website has a lot more information about review of geniux.

The stresses of lifestyles integrate over time. and launch an attack on your brain that causes mental fatigue and sluggish performance. This may bring about fuzzy wondering, mood swings or even infection.

Everybody finally feels the outcomes of getting old on the brain. In fact, research research has proven that the common adult has a brain. this is affected by a strength crisis. Those research have discovered that over 30 percent of the mind strength misplaced. By the time the normal character turns 40.

Frequently my over-forty patients begin getting a little aggravating after. they start experiencing “mind fog” and forgetting a couple of things such as a call. where they put their keys, appointments, in the event that they took their medications, and so forth. They worry those lapses could be symptoms of Alzheimer or some different mind-ailment.

I guarantee them that, about ninety five percent of the time. most of those reminiscence episodes aren’t due to a number of extreme mind technique. Rather, they’re because of the usual memory. and cognition (capability to perceive and interpret) modifications that begin around age 40.

Geniux is all natural and intoxicating. It’s miles something among tobacco and ginseng. It could do away with anxiety and worry. and lengthy-time period use improves the standard situation at the side of memory. Contains hint amount of nicotine. nevertheless, But, the similarity of the tobacco isn’t always unsanitary. In large quantities may want to purpose unwanted drowsiness. that’s common for many painkillers. It’s miles most, unfold among top managers. but Geniux is ideal for stress-impaired students. Geniux resources the user’s zest for lifestyles and flavor to any uninteresting hobby.


The Hidden Truth On Geniux Exposed


Geniux is a natural brain enhancement supplement which will help to maintain healthy brain function throughout our lives, and is not only limited to brain health issues that we may associate with age. Students, people who busy lives and those in demanding work, will take advantage of adding this supplement to their healthy living routine. Not simply does it promote better brain health such as improved cognitive and memory function, it’s going to also help you to feel and think better.

Searching the web, you will come across a large number of positive geniux supplement reviews. However, a great deal of men and women who could potentially take advantage of this supplement, remain unsure how the Geniux supplement works, and if it can help to deliver better brain health.

Geniux is unique as it can additionally help you to increase your mood by raising the degree of serotonin. Many brain health supplement do not include the correct spread of components to be able to help you lift your mood. Our mood is affected by many substances in our environment, and we often forget that it is part of good brain health. After all, as we are happy and relaxed we think better.

Nootropic enhancers are already around for a very long time, but most of the products which are available are packed with a long list of artificial ingredients. A natural nootropic supplement is less likely to interfere with other supplements. Read additional information about side effects of geniux on this website.

Many supplement manufacturers use the term nootropic without really understanding its meaning. Looking at the Geniux ingredients as a scientist, it really is straightforward how this supplement can indeed help to boost your brain health. This is after all what nootropic medicine is about.

The foundation of nootropic medicine is to increase cognitive function, raise the usage of memory and help you to be more alert. Being more alert is an essential involved in the equation. This will certainly aid to make it easier to store information properly and boost your memory function. Whenever you are alert, your brain is alert. People that feel alert will likely be smarter and come across as more intelligent.

That is a good question, and everything depends on your current state of health. To understand what the Geniux supplement ingredients can do for you, we must first of all look at what you may need help with in your everyday life.

If you believe that you are affected by poor memory function, it is essential to understand that this can be down to several factors. This is why the Geniux brain supplement contains a spread of versatile ingredients which will help to affect your memory in different ways. Understanding how memory function works a wise idea. In very basic terms, your brain has to be able to create a memory in the proper way to be able to retrieve it later. Geniux can help your brain to do that.

Are you feeling tired and exhausted? Your brain needs energy to function, which is an important proven fact that we frequently forget. We feed our stomachs but not our brains. The Geniux supplement contains both vitamin B6 and B12, and Gingko Biloba to improve your blood circulation.

The very fact is that the Geniux supplement can do so far more. If, there is anything that you would like to ask, please do not hesitate. We would like you to understand how the Geniux supplement can benefit you.

The Geniux supplement could be the perfect remedy for age-related decline. Since we age, our mental functions start deteriorating as a result of a decline in production of certain neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters help within the correct transmission of information and data. Because of the decreased levels in the brain, a person may show several signs of deterioration of brain health.

You will discover several disorder that are associated with declining brain health in both senior citizens and younger, and scientists like to refer to them as dementia disorders. The Geniux supplement, when used correctly, help to improve age related and dementia disorders. It can additionally help by keeping the nervous system healthy that could lead to less issues with common health issues for example essential tremors. Tremors are affiliated with damage to the nervous-system.


What To Do About Christmas Gifts For Boyfriends Before It’s Too Late


Christmas is nearly upon us and so the search for ideas for a Christmas gift begins. Developing ideas for a Christmas gift may be difficult so here are a few suggestions to make your job easier.

The very best place to begin your look for ideas for Christmas gifts is usually to do a search online. There are numerous pages offering suggestions. Just use search terms for whichever person you are looking for a gift for (gift ideas for her, for him, for colleague, parents, etc). There are actually a lot of great ideas including new items for everyone on your list.

In case you are buying a present for a husband or a boyfriend, sports related items are usually always a good idea. Tickets to their favorite team’s game or perhaps a NASCAR race are sure winners. A year’s subscription to a sports magazine is also nice for sports-minded men. Men also enjoy receiving the latest electronic gadgets for example iPods, GPS equipment, radar scanners, as well as the like. For a deeper understanding of what should i get my boyfriend for christmas, visit this webpage.

Women are a bit harder to search out Christmas gift ideas for. As a rule, you can’t go wrong with jewelry. Jewelry sets with all the pieces matching are specifically nice. Women also enjoy bath and beauty products especially within their favorite scent. Books will also be a great idea for a Christmas gift for women. Find out what she likes to read and get her the latest offering by her favorite author. A gift certificate for a day at the spa or perhaps a manicure and pedicure will also be great gifts for her.

In terms of ideas for Christmas gifts for children, it can be either hard or easy, according to the era of the young child. As a rule, the younger the young child the easier they are to buy for. Teenagers are particularly challenging to please. They enjoy items that are fashionable but whats in fashion changes so quickly that it is hard to keep up. When internet searching for children always specify the age group of the young child in your search phrase.

Babies and toddlers are the easiest group to buy for. For them any of the latest learning toys from such companies as Playskool, Fisher Price, and Baby Einstein are sure to capture their imagination and bring them hours of fun. Children in the pre-school range enjoy things such as early reader books for example Dr. Seuss or learning toys for example the LeapFrog Leap Pads. School age children also enjoy books, dolls, games, and construction sets such as Legos. Tweeners or age range 8-13 also like books and age appropriate games. They’re also at the age where they begin to enjoy gadgets such as cameras and mp3 players. For the teens on your list, electronic gadgets for example iPods, tablet computers, and online games are sure to favorites. Before buying games make sure you see which game system they have. Read more thorough information regarding what should i get my boyfriend for christmas here.

When researching fro ideas for Christmas gifts, be sure to write down what ever you decide on. This way you will be able to remember your ideas and not have to research all over again.